Tuesday, August 2, 2016

For The Times You Need a Temporary Fence

Zareba 48-Inch Step-In Fence Posts

Every so often, we find a need to put up some temporary fencing. It might be to keep our dogs out of muddy spots, it might be to seal a hole in the boundary fence from a wind-blown tree. Whenever it happens, though, we dig though the garden shed to find a handful of Zareba Step-In Fence Posts.

Each of these plastic posts is 48 inches long, plus the 5-inch steel spike at the end. It has a pedal molded into the plastic just above the spike, with a little fin on the bottom to make it harder for a post to twist in the soil. There are eight plastic clips spread out on one side. To use the posts, you pick a spot where you need a post and stomp the pointy ends into the dirt. You can run string, bare or insulated wire, or plastic tape between posts, sliding it into the clips to hold it in place. The eight clips let you run several strands or put up diagonals.

We've used our posts over long term (several years) for hot wires to keep pets out of flower beds. The non-conductive plastic post doesn't ground the wires. Even left in place year-round (in a snowless climate, mind you), the posts stood up to weathering, even heavy storms. In the short term, we’ve used them to keep visitors and pets out of muddy spots, holes, and other hazards. When a storm sent a tree trunk through the boundary fence, we threaded temporary plastic fence through the posts to keep the dogs in the yard. They’re a lot easier to use than wood stakes, easier to attach materials to temporarily, and durable enough that they’ll last for years.

Our posts are white, but they are also available in green and black and in other lengths besides the four-foot version. Admittedly, they aren’t particularly pretty; and the five-inch spike means they aren’t sturdy enough to use for larger animals. If it’s light-duty fencing you need on a temporary basis, however, these step-in posts are just what you need.



Plus: non-conductive, durable, easy to use
Minus: won't win any beauty contests, fairly pricey
What they’re saying: If you sometimes need a temporary fence, Step-In Posts from Zareba are just what the doctor ordered.
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